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Stewart McElwain

Licensee Salesperson

Sharing Ray White Mangawhai ownership with partner Kaye McElwain, Stewart brings diversity and strong business acumen to our sales team.  Wearing a mixture of hats during the day is all done with ease, including spinning and squeezing out our office needs, creating internal systems, staying abreast of council speak, examining ‘best practice’ team structure, keeping our accounts in order and so on.  

Back on the sales side, ask about Stewart’s rank in relation to the overall Ray White sales people in NZ – let’s just say dogged determination is fast seeing the results!  When not ticking off property sales, Stewart enjoys a leisurely wine and balances up our male/female ratio in-house! Since active in sales, Stewart has attained National Executive sales status each year.

Good news for our clients is the unique skill-set Stewart will offer, with a past focus on Northland’s economic development; Stewart completed feasibility studies for new enterprises, mentored businesses and coordinated Northland’s 2011 Rugby World Cup involvement.  Back this up with 11 years at Auckland University heading up Student Affairs and other high profile roles, means you can rest easy - the skills are highly honed for taking care of your property asset. 

With a unique blend of humour, a strategic mind and a sharp talent for negotiating relentlessly until a result emerges, or in this case, a SOLD surfaces; you’ll be sure to sit back and enjoy the show!


  • 2021/2022 - Executive
  • 2020/2021 - Executive
  • 2020/2021 - Premier Business Leader of Ray White Mangawhai
  • 2017 - Executive Performer (NZ)
  • 2016 - Executive Performer (NZ)
  • 2015 - Executive Performer (NZ)
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